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Tariq Uncle say you can’t stay in showbiz, Rabi Pirzada

Rabi Pirzada, who followed the path of religion by withdrawing from showbiz, while expressing grief and sorrow over the demise of all-round personality Tariq Aziz, said that he felt that he could not stay in showbiz.

The social networking site Twitter Rabi Pirzada said that he had never met Tariq Aziz since he left his house in the Garden Town area of Lahore.

Rabi regretted never asking about Tariq Aziz’s condition after leaving Showbiz and wrote, “I wish I had gone to inquire about Tariq Uncle’s illness.” We do not know when Allah will take anyone away. Take care of your loved ones. ”

Describing his good relationship with the late, Rabi further wrote, “Uncle Tariq told me many things about his life, coming to Lahore, sleeping on the streets and traveling from radio to TV. They often told me you can’t stay in the showbiz. Maybe he was right. “

In another tweet, Rabi lamented the fact that Tariq Aziz was given only the Outstanding Performance Award for his long service.

Tariq Aziz, a well-known name in radio, television, film, journalism, literature, and politics, and the launcher of the longest popular game show in Pakistan “Neelam Ghar”, passed away yesterday.

Born on April 28, 1936, in Jalandhar, Tariq Aziz was 84 years old. He was suffering from diabetes and was being shifted to a family hospital when his condition deteriorated and he died on the way.

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