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The 22-year-old actress was severely punished

New York: Forbes Magazine has removed American actress Kylie Jenner from its list of billionaires for misrepresenting her.

According to US media reports, reality TV star Kylie Jenner was named the youngest billionaire in the world in a list published by Forbes magazine in March last year.

A statement from Forbes stated that “the total value of Kylie’s assets is not enough to make her a billionaire, so we removed her from the list in line with our policy.”

According to the management, “Our team also saw the value of the shares of Kylie’s cosmetic company, because now that her company is at a loss and the business volume has shrunk, she cannot be called a billionaire.”

According to figures released by Forbes, the total assets of the 22-year-old actress are estimated at around  900 million, while she has misrepresented and greatly increased the value of her assets.

On the other hand, the actress confirmed in her Twitter message that she was removed from the list of billionaires. He said that the story presented by Forbes is based on assumptions.

“Jenner is the half-sister of Kim Kardashian and Courtney Kardashian,” she said. She started Kylie Cosmetics in 2006 with a business called lip kits, matching lipsticks and lip liners for 29 29.

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