The American woman hoisted the Pakistani flag in the deepest part of the sea

Vanessa, Pakistan’s Goodwill Ambassador, won the hearts of all by waving the Pakistani flag at Challenger Deep, the deepest place in the Atlantic Ocean.

Vanessa O’Brien waved the Pakistani flag in the 10,923-meter-deep ocean, the point at which the woman waved the Pakistani flag. So even then it will be 2 meters away from this point.

After reaching the deepest part of the Atlantic Ocean, the American woman has become the first woman in the world to have the honor of reaching the highest and lowest part of the earth.


According to the woman, one of the purposes of going to the Challenger Deep was to bring samples of water and rock from the east coast for scientific measurement.


Nafees Zakaria, Pakistan’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, congratulated Vanessa, who is now the first woman to climb Pakistan’s highest Karakoram K2 in 2017 and has now succeeded in the ‘Challenger Deep’ mission.

Nafees Zakaria told Vanessa that the government of Pakistan and the people of Pakistan are proud of her success.

The Pakistani flag was also presented to Pakistan’s Goodwill Ambassador Vanessa.

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