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The artist is furious over the barbarity of the Indian Army in occupied Kashmir

Karachi: In occupied Kashmir, the enthusiasm of the artists have also been answered on the acquittal of the oppressive Indian army and they have raised their voice against the Indian army.

Yesterday, in occupied Kashmir, the oppressive Indian army martyred a 3-year-old boy in front of his grandfather. A picture of a baby crying on his grandfather’s body went viral on social media and this helplessness shook Pakistani artists as well.

Singer Farhan Saeed has said that the world shows indifference to the plight of Kashmiris over the brutal incident in Kashmir. My sympathies are with Bashir and 3-year-old Sohail’s family.

Singer Salman Ahmed said that Prime Minister Imran Khan is the only leader in the world who repeatedly stood up for the oppressed Kashmiris, we will support Imran Khan till his death, Imran Khan will always be No. 1.

Actor Shan also strongly condemned the tragic incident that took place in Sopore and said that India is not ashamed of this shameful incident, it also regrets those who remained silent during the genocide, on the people of Kashmir. End the ongoing oppression.

Actress Mehwish Hayat has also taken to Twitter to speak out against the incident, saying how can the world stand still and allow the Indian Army to commit such atrocities. How long will we continue to turn a blind eye to this oppression? This oppression must be stopped. Kashmiri’s lives are also important.

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