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The bandits of our age have also gone digital, video viral

Karachi: The dacoits also fell under the spell of tik tok, the video of singing with Kalashnikov went viral.

According to ARY News, the robbers also went digital and started making videos on talk shows, singing in the background, and holding Kalashnikovs.

The lyrics were “You forced me to take up arms, you made me a bandit.”

The robbers, armed with modern weapons, were seen following the lyrics of the song. The video made by the armed robbers is going viral on social media.

Interesting comments are being made by users on the video. Someone said that wow, there were robbers on Tik Tak too. Another user wrote, “Now go to those who want to be famous on Tik Tok.”

It should be noted that the video-sharing application Tik Tok has become very popular in other countries including Pakistan and users make videos of their dances and other funny activities and post them on the app and receive compliments from the users.

However, this is the first time that robbers have made a video with songs and weapons on Tik Tok.


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