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The blood turned white, and the wife and son’s mother and sister were brutally beaten

In Rawalpindi, in the area of ​​Sadiqabad police station, a son along with his wife brutally tortured his mother and sister.
After the video went viral, Rawalpindi Regional Police Officer Sohail Habib took stern notice and filed a case against the accused after medical examination. Police raids are underway to arrest the couple.

According to police officials, Arsalan, son of Masmata Gulnar Bibi, a resident of Dhok Ali Akbar Curry Road in Sadiqabad area, and his daughter-in-law Bismillah, who live apart from their parents, came to their house to meet their parents where Arsalan’s sister and wife There was a bitter talk which escalated and the quarrel started.

Meanwhile, his son Arsalan also jumped in the middle and together with his wife tortured his mother Gulnar Bibi. A person in the house virtualized a video of the violence on social media. Upon receiving the report, Regional Police Officer Sohail Habib and CPO Rawalpindi Ahsan Younis took notice and ordered the police to take immediate action.

SHO Sadiqabad Tahir Rehan said that a case was registered against the victim Gulnar Bibi while the accused Arsalan and his wife were being raided for arrest.

The SHO Sadiqabad case seems to be the subject of a domestic dispute, but the situation will become clearer in the investigation. On the other hand, in the FIR, Gulnar Bibi took the position that daughter-in-law Bismillah and son Arsalan used to quarrel every day. The previous day, the two also pushed and beat and tortured.

SP Rawal Rai Mazhar Iqbal said that the son and his wife who violated the sanctity of relationships and brutally tortured their mother will be brought to justice and arrest raids are underway.


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