کرنل کی بیوی کی پولیس اہلکار سے بدتمیزی نے سوشل میڈیا پر ہنگامہ مچادیا
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The Colonel’s wife’s insult to a police officer caused video viral on social media

A video that went viral on social media on Wednesday night has caused an uproar in which a woman posing as the colonel’s wife is seen insulting policemen.

The hashtag “Colonel’s Wife” has been trending on social media since last night or in other words “Colonel’s Wife” has caused a stir on Pakistani social media. In fact, a video of a woman went viral on Twitter yesterday, which became a top trend.

In the video, the woman not only insults the police at the Hazara Motorway check post, but also uses inappropriate words, boldly breaks the law and drives away. The video shows the woman sitting in her car with a man, while other vehicles are parked nearby due to roadblocks.

The woman asks an officer to remove the barriers. The officer says that when permission is granted, the way will be cleared. The woman says, “I am the wife of an army officer. It is not a trivial matter.” Using it, she says I am the “Colonel’s wife” and again abuses the Deputy Subedar and says I will take off his uniform.

However, when the police did not allow the vehicle to proceed, the woman got out of the vehicle and started insulting the police personnel and forcibly removed the obstacles on the road in violation of the law. During this time, it can be seen that the police officer, while talking to the woman very casually, also tries to explain to her that the uniform is being insulted in front of everyone but the woman was not ready to understand anything.

In the video, the woman can be seen driving over the policemen while the woman is constantly saying what are the times of a subedar, in front of me I am the wife of the colonel. On one occasion, a woman was seen telling the man in the car that the car had hit the policeman and was threatening to push the policeman. Later, after insulting and shouting at the policemen, the woman forcibly removes the obstacles and leaves.

The video has drawn strong reactions from social media users, with people calling the woman’s behavior shameful for insulting and abusing a police officer, while some have blamed the woman’s husband for the incident. Are demanding

“Today is the 27th of Ramadan, the day we gained independence, but what kind of freedom was it?” This colonel’s wife made me realize once again that we are still slaves in our own country. I really support a law abiding police officer.


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