The Corona War turned into a political war
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The Corona War turned into a political war

It seems that the Prime Minister’s slogan against the corona virus, “Fear not to fight”, has practically split into two parts. The facts on the ground are that from the ruling classes to all the influential sectors, everyone is active in confrontation instead of corona virus.

Obviously, this process is causing the division of the nation and in such a case no war can be won. The first part of the slogan, “Don’t be afraid,” is also used in reverse. People across the country are also afraid of earning a living with Corona.

It is as if the behavior of the ruling leadership is causing the fear of the people to increase. 122 countries of the world are battling this epidemic and now they are making progress towards active life while we are suffering from reverse development in every aspect.

Now the unfortunate people of a country whose leadership is based on rhetoric rather than confrontation and action are facing the same dilemma. Yesterday, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said in the Senate, “We will celebrate our iron in Sindh, PPP should prepare. Showed him the dream of becoming Prime Minister.

First of all, what do the two statements have to do with the objective situation and what will be the benefit of hundreds of statements made by such rulers on a daily basis to both the victims of Corona ie the sick and the deprived people? Everyone knows that Bilawal Bhutto cannot say what he is threatening to say.

The same compulsions facing Shah Mehmood Qureshi are also affecting the PPP and the Noon League. The election of Sadiq Sanjarani instead of Raza Rabbani and then the failure of the no-confidence motion is just one example.

That is to say, in a world where you have been declaring Corona an epidemic and you are practically indifferent to it and engaged in other pursuits, then the nation will be rightly confused as to what the ruler is saying. Is that true or not? So how and in what way will the people be willing to play their part in what the rulers are calling war. The gist of this story is that the beginning was wrong.

No country in the world has blamed its language, religion or creed for the outbreak of the epidemic, but all have united to fight the epidemic. We had accusations based on accusations from the beginning.

The history of the ruling classes is that they use such opportunities for their personal, group and political interests. They have a special relationship with every force that influences decisions, including religious and journalistic forces. Their real art is to confuse the public with chaos or issues that are of interest. Their purpose is to divert public attention from the fulfillment of their ambitions or embezzlement.

Now while issues ranging from sugar, sugar, flour, power scandals to Rs 100 billion tax evasion and inflation are disappearing from the public eye, the ruthless exploitation of the national exchequer in the name of Corona is not even noticed by the people.

This is the story of a country whose 80 percent of its rural population is poor, according to a World Bank report. The war against Larib Corona is inevitable, but can it be won in the presence of attitudes, opportunistic attitudes of the ruling classes and a bureaucracy that has not spared the Benazir Bhutto support program? You know that 2,543 Grade 17 to Grade 21 officers from all four provinces and the federation continued to digest the money of the poor in the name of their wives, relatives and others, including three Grade 21 officers. Kush issue is not suppressed?

It also suggests that in a country where government officials are so greedy for money, how can the plight of the homeless change under the current authoritarian system?

Alas, alas! Hunger is becoming unbearable after the lockdown, a man has committed suicide in the last few days, the wife said that we were hungry for 7 days, when the children were breaking their fast with water, this situation could not be tolerated by the father. Ski and he committed suicide.

Can the political and non-political elites who have ruled this country for the last 7 decades answer that who is responsible for forcing the people of this resource rich country to commit suicide?

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