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The drama of being trapped in an American hotel broke out

The Pakistani film star in the US requested Prime Minister Imran Khan’s help for his return, but now another facet of the film has emerged, which has disrupted my acting career. The drama queen actress knows the art of living in my news, and in this regard she appealed to the Prime Minister in a video message from New York to join hands. I used to say that thousands of people are dying here every day, New York is turning into a cemetery, I have run out of money, living is difficult, I am locked in a hotel room. ‘Pakistan wants to come and die’, I added my hand to the Prime Minister What is ‘My G’ doing outside the US President’s official residence? The Lallywood actress appealed to Prime Minister Imran Khan for help in her return home and said that she does not want to come to Pakistan in such circumstances. However, it is now revealed that I am not in a hotel but in parties at the house of her alleged husband, Captain Naveed.  Raja Pervez, my alleged father-in-law, spoke to Jeunesse over the phone saying that he had been staying in his house for two months. ‘I’ve gotten used to making videos’ Actress Meera’s house is broken down then survived! The actress is also in touch with video show calls from various showbiz personalities with her alleged husband from New York.  According to actress Silk, I had a talk with her on video conference three days ago and during this time Captain Naveed was also with her. I am in touch with the Consul General of Pakistan On the other hand, the Consul General of Pakistan in New York says that he is in touch with Pakistani film star Meera. He said that the movie star is being provided with accommodation and assistance as per his wishes, he is being provided complete information regarding flights and consulates service.

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