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The government is not going anywhere, it will complete its term, Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the opposition makes statements to end the government daily but the government is not going anywhere and we will complete our term.

Addressing a dinner in honor of government and coalition MPs, the Prime Minister said that when the government took over, there was no money to run the country and when the economy improved, the Coronavirus came but gave a tax-free budget despite severe financial difficulties. I have to make difficult decisions. This year’s budget came in the most difficult financial situation.

The Prime Minister said that the government is not going anywhere, it will complete its term. The opposition is making daily statements about the end of the government. The opposition criticizes the government, which has ruled for 30 years. It will be better if you leave the mafia behind. How can I shake hands with those who have brought the country to the brink of disaster? I told you a long time ago that a difficult time would come and they would all come together. They have come together to defend their corruption, not in the public interest. The opposition is only propagating against us.

Imran Khan said that PTI is an ideological and democratic political party. Only PTI can change this country. There is democracy in the party and everyone has freedom of expression but there are no differences in the party and everyone is united.

He said that the attendance of all members in the budget meeting was essential. Be aware of the problems of MPs. Due to the Corona situation, meetings with members of the Assembly were reduced. The government will accompany all the coalition parties.

The Prime Minister said that the government had adopted an effective strategy to control the Corona epidemic. Corona was against lockdown from day one in the epidemic situation. To deal with this crisis, Smart went to lockdown. Today the world is moving towards smart lockdown instead of lockdown.

According to Express-News sources, the Prime Minister has assured the members of the Assembly to provide development funds. It may be recalled that the Prime Minister had hosted a dinner in honor of government members and allies to approve the budget and take the political situation into confidence.

According to Express-News, government members questioned the Prime Minister on raising the prices of petroleum products and also expressed their concern over the criticism in public circles after this decision. Prime Minister Imran Khan said that despite the high price of petrol in the global market, we have reduced the price. Pakistan is the cheapest petrol seller in the region.

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