The human brain captivated by the Internet
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The human brain captivated by the Internet

Recently I went to a loved one’s house. They are a full-fledged family. There was a lot of commotion because of the six children. But there was complete silence in the house that day. Inquiries revealed that someone was sitting on his phone, someone was sitting on a laptop and computer. All the big and small worlds were roaming in the internet.

This is not a house affair. This scene is often seen in the cities of Pakistan. The recent lockdown has even taken the net to homes where it used to be less involved Is.

Advantages and disadvantages

According to statistics, 80 million people in Pakistan are using the Internet. And their numbers are growing. The reason is that the net is no longer entertainment, it has become an important source of help in daily activities. During the lockdown, for example, the net emerged as the largest platform to educate and train millions of students around the world. Then billions of people started spending time here watching movies and programs. The Internet has also become a major hub for information on the planet. It not only made communication easier and faster through social media, but also gave the common man the opportunity to express his feelings openly.

The Internet has many advantages but also disadvantages. For example, its overuse has reduced communication, especially among urban families. Even at the dinner table, the younger generation is lost in their hobbies holding smartphones.

Similarly, in the classroom, students are starting to ask less questions because the majority of them are lost in social media perceptions. Now every year millions of traffic accidents happen due to smartphones that drivers are involved in it. Many people are so engrossed in using smartphones while walking that they injure themselves by hitting something hard.

Similarly, men and women who use the Internet excessively can be prone to depression, lethargy and neglect. Such people are cut off from the real world and their loved ones. Then many criminal gangs have become active in the net world who rob the people in various ways and commit heinous crimes. The net has also been instrumental in spreading pornography in particular.

With smartphones and the Internet becoming cheaper, these innovations are now reaching towns and villages. As mentioned, these inventions have advantages. But if they are not used properly, they can harm a person physically, especially mentally.

Excessive use of them can make a person stupid, ignorant, distracted and confused. The world of internet has become a great source of colorful information. That is why, from Australia to Pakistan, Britain and the United States, millions of people today spend at least four hours a day on the net. Some people are online for almost 24 hours a day. They have become accustomed to being on the net or let’s say they are addicted to it.

Hunger for new information

Psychologists say that the negative factors of the net are born out of an eternal desire of man; that he should get as much information as possible. Professor Adam Gazzaley is a well-known American neuroscientist. He authored a book, The Distracted Mind: Ancient Brains in a High-Tech World. He says, “Man’s daily desire is to learn new things and get new information every day.”

His curiosity drives him to learn new things. But using the internet, smartphones and other digital devices, the same eternal desire has caused man problems.

Psychologists, sociologists and medical experts around the world say that the greatest miracle that has arisen from the womb of the Internet is that it has placed a tremendous load of information on mankind. Now man does not understand how he can process this innumerable information with the help of his brain. Because there has been no significant change in the human brain in the last fifty years, it is doing its job with the ancient brain machinery.

Mind but ancient!

When a person abandons moderation in any matter, impatience surrounds him. It has been observed that among the recent young generation of the world, those who spend more time on the Internet, have less patience. It is a common observation that wherever such people stand in line, they show impatience and try to break it. They want their work done first. Similarly, in social media, sometimes the discussion goes from debate to fight and the name of tolerance and tolerance does not remain. These words were very rare in human societies only fifty years ago.

It is as if man is naturally hungry for more information and learning new things. But the problem is that in ancient times, until recently, he received only a limited amount of new information. Therefore, the human brain has a limited ability to acquire new information and pay attention. When the Internet began in the 21st century, there was a flood of information.

For the first time in its history spanning millions of years, man had so much information and that too at the fingertips; just a few button presses and the Google world began to present itself. But the limited human brain was not accustomed to processing so much information. That’s why it’s specialMen and women who started using the net excessively developed various mental problems. These issues also affected other children and adults sitting on the net. To understand the nature and origin of these problems, it is important that you first understand how the human brain evolved.

Nature’s supercomputer

Christoph Koch is a well-known American neuroscientist. “The human brain is the most complex thing in the universe,” he said. The human brain is a collection of about 86 billion specialized cells, neurons. These are electrically charged cells that communicate with each other through electrical or chemical signals. Their interaction in the form of signals is called “synapses”.

Research has shown that one neuron in our brain belongs to at least ten thousand neurons. These 10,000 neurons are capable of sending “one trillion signals” to each other every second. That’s why experts have called the human brain a computer that performs one trillion probes per minute.

By the age of sixty or seventy, our brain stores one billion bits of data. The world’s largest library of Congress (USA) has a collection of 19 million books. The human brain can store 50,000 times more data in books. Brain neurons are born during pregnancy and then live throughout life. Impairment in them leads to forgetfulness and other diseases.

The evolution of the human mind

It is the brain that makes it possible for man to create stories and novels. Make heartwarming melodies. Trying to figure out how to send a spacecraft out of the solar system? And invent supercomputers whose power now exceeds the power of the human brain. However, this masterpiece of divine power reached its present stage only through evolution. The amazing evolution of life on earth has been described by Allah Almighty in a very logical and comprehensive manner in His Book. The amazing thing is that the information revealed in the Holy Quran Science became known fourteen hundred years later.

In this heavenly book, Allah informs us that He first created every living thing from water. (Surat al-Anbiya ‘: 30) After that, whatever the Lord of the Universe liked, He created it. (Surat al-Qasas: 68) (Surah Nooh, 14). At the same time, Allah Almighty made man with the best structure. (Surah 3: 4) and taught him many new things.

(Surah Al-Alaq, 5) When the appointed time came, Allah Almighty chose one of these human beings, Hazrat Adam (PBUH) as His Prophet and ruler on earth. (Surah Al-Imran, 33) He gave wisdom to him. In this way, man became a noble creature and his rule over the earth was established.

Adam was the first human being to be endowed with a wealth of intellect by God: “And Adam was taught the names of all things” (Surat al-Baqara, 31). It is as if by creating the first wise and intelligent man in the world, Allah (swt) started the modern human era on the planet. Hazrat Adam (as) also has the honor of being the first Muslim. Of all the living things that Allah (swt) has created so far, Adam (pbuh) was the most outstanding because of his intellect. Even the angels were commanded to prostrate themselves before them. Then an angel (Iblis) was found to be the eternal enemy of man for not obeying the divine command.


God’s creatures, ancient humans lived in caves and trees. Anthropologists say that the Lord of the universe gave Adam wisdom and then he started walking. Future generations benefited greatly from this important change. They are now able to make new tools and instruments with their hands. Not only that, they were also able to walk to remote areas. Adam taught his children to cultivate and to bake bread.

The immortal gift of intellect

In ancient times, the region from Arabia to Abyssinia (Ethiopia) has been the abode of ancient human beings. The commentators write that Adam was sent to this region. The inhabitants of these areas were closely related to each other. For this reason, we see that when the Quraysh chiefs persecuted the Muslims of Makkah very much, many of the Companions migrated to Abyssinia on the orders of Allah and the Holy Prophet. Thus, by His grace, Allah Almighty sent a small group of Muslims to a safe and secure place.

From this particular area, modern anthropologists have found the skulls and bones of other human organs. The oldest skull is 2.5 million years old. The presence of these skulls made clear the truth of Allah’s command: “And He created you in various ways.” (Surat an-Noah, 14) This means that Allah Almighty created physically and mentally different, different types. He created man and then gave him the immortal gift of intellect and made Adam the forerunner of the modern human race.

From the study of ancient skulls and bones, anthropologists learned that the brain of ancient man was quite small. But Allah Almighty continued to spread it with His power so that one day man would become his vicegerent on the earth with pure intellect. So we see that the little brains of ancient humans three million years ago were similar to another creation of God Almighty, the ape. But when Adam (peace be upon him) was sent about fifty thousand years ago, Allah Almighty had made his mind three times bigger than in the past. TailAgh was enlarged so that more and more neurons and their various parts could be incorporated into it.

Genetic mutations and the Qur’an

Intelligence has nothing to do with the size or weight of the brain. The largest living brain on Earth is the sperm whale. It weighs 7800 grams whereas today the normal human brain weighs only 1361 grams. In terms of size, there is no competition between the two, but the parts of the human brain that promote intelligence and intelligence are the most advanced and rich in brain cells (neurons).

The outer layer of the human brain, for example, is called the cerebral cortex. This part of the brain deals with attention, consciousness, thinking, memory and language activities. It is made up of about 16 billion neurons. The cerebral cortex of no other living thing in the world is made up of so many neurons.

Now look at another great proof of the authenticity of the Qur’an. Modern science has discovered more than two dozen genetic mutations that have not only enlarged the human brain but also increased its power dramatically. In this regard, the famous American anthropologist John Hawks says, “The human brain did not become a huge source of power by leaps and bounds, but its development took place in stages.” Changes have taken place in this development, from the birth of new neurons to the metabolism.

For example, research has shown that our body contains a gene called “NOTCH2”. In ancient times, there were changes in this gene that increased the number of neural stem cells in our body. These cells make neurons in the human body. As a result of their increasing number, our brain not only expanded but also increased its efficiency. Similarly, take the gene called “FOXP2”.

This is the gene that enables them to speak in living things. Research has shown that this gene has two base pairs in humans. These pairs were not found in any other living thing. It seems that a genetic mutation in the Focus P2 gene enabled humans to speak, while the rest of the birds did not have the ability to speak like humans.

The purpose of modern science is to confirm this divine commandment, “and He (Allah Almighty) created you in various ways and according to His will.” The greatest miracle. Scientists are now exploring the hidden aspects of this miracle. In Surah Al-Alaq verse 5, Allah Almighty says that He taught man what he did not know. Now scientists have discovered that external forces are also driving our brain development. For example, when a wise man started walking on two legs, he would walk away from his companions. Because of this distance, he felt the need to communicate with colleagues through conversation.

 Periods of change

This act of speaking also stimulated the development of the human brain and it began to acquire the power of intelligence. Changes in our diet also have significant effects on the brain. After Adam, people started growing crops and grains. Carbohydrates now feed the brain. As a result, the human brain developed rapidly and became a center of power.

Other experts believe that after becoming wise, men began to form families. The foundations of the settlements were laid. Ethical rules and regulations were born. These social changes also played a role in the flourishing of the human brain. But all the above changes could be done only under the system prescribed by Allah Almighty because He wanted to teach all things to human beings gradually.

It is noteworthy that the periods in which the human brain underwent changes were quite different from those of modern times. For millions of years, they had to deal with dangerous animals that lived near forests. They were always careful not to be attacked by animals. Then mutual enmities of the tribes arose. Food and hiding places became a source of controversy. In particular, the human brain has never been a multi-task during its evolution; that is, it usually focused on one problem or issue at a time. At most, the mind would focus on two things. But modern digital devices are bringing about fundamental changes in the concentration of man’s power, which is significant.

Decreased concentration

Modern science has discovered that a part of our brain, the “prefrontal cortex”, is involved in decision making. It’s like Brain’s CEO. When information from different parts of the brain reaches this part, it makes a decision by giving them a specific shape. Man then executes the same decision. Divine power gradually made this part very powerful, but man could not strengthen his concentration for millions of years.

According to experts, the lack of attention is related to our past. In ancient times, man was weak and feeble. His intellect was still evolving due to the will of God Almighty. At that time, its means of defense were also limited, such as sticks and stones, while bloodthirsty animals lived nearby.

That is why man had to be very vigilant in order to compete with them. It would be a sign that an animal is coming. When some intellect came, man was divided into tribes. Soon these tribes fought among themselves for the sake of land, money or women. Then from afar Tips to avoid negative effects

“With the advent of the Internet and digital devices, modern man is in a strange predicament,” says Professor Giselle. He wants to spend as much time on the net as possible so that he can have a wealth of information and new things. But his human brain is naturally so structured that it cannot process a lot of information very quickly. It is as if man has no ability to do what he wants to do. Therefore, when they spend a lot of time on the internet, the same unnatural process gives rise to various physical and psychological disorders which have already been mentioned.

But the fact remains that man sooner or later adapts to new situations and new things. In the same way, we can avoid the negative effects of technology by adopting healthy habits. Reducing is one of the most important effects. Experts recommend the following to get rid of these effects:

* Do not use a smartphone or laptop when sitting at home with family or loved ones. Especially keep them away while eating and gossiping. Pick them up only to do the necessary work.

* Do all your work in the office first. When leisure time is available, you can do some net touring.

* Keep friendship with nature. Research and experiments have revealed that spending some time in the garden or open space refreshes the tired mind.

* Play brain training games. This type of video games can also be played with moderation.

* Worship Allah Almighty with a sound heart. Research has shown that worshiping Allah Almighty increases a person’s concentration and memory.

* Exercise. The movement of the body makes the brain active.

* Use the phone only when absolutely necessary while driving.

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