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The image of dropping a nuclear bomb from a modern American warplane F-35 continues

The image of Lockheed Martin dropping a mock atomic bomb from the world’s most advanced fighter jet, the F-35, has sparked a new debate on social media.

According to the news agency, the F-35 is the only aircraft in the world capable of carrying not only nuclear missiles but also other conventional weapons. According to reports, more experiments have recently been conducted by US defense officials to make the aircraft more robust and efficient for use in dropping atomic bombs.

The US Department of Defense has released images of the alleged dropping of an atomic bomb from a state-of-the-art F-35A fighter jet. The F-35A Lightning to Stealth aircraft dropped a thermo-nuclear gravity bomb during the exercise.

The flight was flown over Edwards Air Force Base in California, USA.

The 50-kilogram bomb can also be placed inside the aircraft to maintain its stealth capability. In the next phase, it will test drop atomic bombs of different weights.

Regarding the capabilities of the aircraft, US defense officials say that the aircraft is likely to be issued a nuclear certificate in the year 2023. Enhancing the nuclear bomb capability on this 5th generation aircraft was launched last year in 2019.

Recent images of the F-35 bombing have been released by the F-35 Joint Program Office, which tests the aircraft’s support capabilities. Details of the bombing dates have also been released by the agency.

The details also reveal the names of some of the pilots who flew the aircraft, but the names of some pilots have been kept secret.

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