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The interesting response of Turgut Alp to a marriage proposal from Pakistani girls

KARACHI: Cengiz Coşkun, who played the role of Turgut Alp in the Turkish drama serial ‘Ertugrul Ghazi’, has given an interesting answer to the marriage offer made by Pakistani girls.

Turkish actor Cengiz Coşkun has played the role of Ertugrul’s close friend Turgat Alp in the drama “Ertugrul Ghazi”. In the play, this character is portrayed as very beautiful and brave. Turgut Alp was famous for fighting with his axe and this role has been played by Cengiz Coşkun in such an excellent way that this character like Ertugrul has become very popular all over the world and especially in Pakistan.

Wasim Badami and Shahid Afridi interviewed him yesterday and asked him interesting questions in view of his popularity. Wasim Badami asked him, “Jangiz, when did you realize that you have become very popular in Pakistan?”
In response to this question, Jangiz replied that he realized his immense popularity in Pakistan through Instagram. At the same time, he laughed and said that he had received offers of marriage from Pakistani girls, but he could not marry everyone.

Wasim Badami asked the next question: Are you familiar with any famous Pakistani dish? To which he said that he knows about biryani but I don’t know if Karachi biryani or Lahore biryani is good. But when I come to Pakistan, I will eat biryani from both the cities and then I will tell which one is better.

It should be noted that besides being an actor, Cengiz Coşkunis also a professional basketball player and is a graduate of the Sports Academy.

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