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The lament of the city and the canal

Lahore is a city of history and divinity. It is the city of Hazrat Ali Hajwary, Mian Mir and Musa Ahangar. He saw Raja Jaipal setting himself on fire. Here is Ayaz buried with Mahmud Vayaz.

On the one hand Jalaluddin Muhammad Akbar’s wonderful temperament successor Nooruddin Jahangir and on the other hand Queen of India Noor Jahan is a dreamer who considered this city equal to life, no one knows how many times this city was destroyed, how many times it was inhabited Decorated, may Allah keep him safe forever.

This city is both a living reality and a myth of myths. This unparalleled city has seen countless conquerors and conquerors. It is a beautiful combination of the splendor and beauty of Chauburji and Soo Burjis. I don’t know how many forts are buried under the fort.

Every door of this city is a story and every street is a talisman of Hosharba. There is also Ferozepur Road which was completed by Lieutenant Hudson in record time and this is the same Hudson who later became Humayun’s tomb of the last Mughal hero Shah Zafar as Major Hudson. Was arrested from

This is the city of strong religion and Mai Moran. There are innumerable diamond jewels buried in Lahore which someone might have thought of. Even underground light has placed a lamp in the homti. Sa was the first place which was called Lahore.

In 1959, archaeologists carried out a “detailed, detailed examination of archeology” at a site inside the Lahore Fort. Discover the layers that were the definitive proof of final residence.

Each layer was about 700 to 800 years older than the top layer, the lowest layer, which was found in a layer about 45 feet deep.

According to a conservative estimate, the population was 3,000 years old. Experts then suggested that more in-depth samples were needed from other places, especially from the mounds that were higher than the mounds on which Lahore was located. The fort was built.

There is also a popular theory that the first population we call Lahore started from the place where the fort stands. The presence of the temple of “Lahore” inside the fort and the fact that he was the son of Rama and Sita This reinforces this theory, but it is not confirmed by any pre-Islamic writings, but it was expressed by the famous Hindu historian Sajjan Rai Bhandari in his famous treatise “Summary of History” in 1695-96. ۔

Another “Archaeological Layer Research” was carried out at Raja Dhyan Singh’s mansion. The reason was that the site was a little higher than the mound of Lahore. It also found four levels of the human population, but unfortunately, instead of pursuing this research, it was left unfinished. We go to extremes but we do not live with beauty.

Readers, I have not even touched on the subject for which I apologize, although it is not my fault that even one, one hundred and one columns cannot do justice to this unparalleled and everlasting street of this city.

When I came from Lyallpur in 1967 to see and read “Batiyan”, I was so enchanted by this city that I forgot the way back. Many times I made many plans to shift abroad but with the idea of ​​separation of Lahore I was left alone, so I was left alone in this city.

The canal with the new campus is the demand of this city and also the sand of this demand. There was a time when we used to stand on the bridge of the new campus and see our faces in the pure water of this canal but then gradually the dirt inside made everything dirty done.

The new settlements have adorned the original Lahore and forgotten it, even though these settlements are not Lahore but the uncut nails of Lahore. Today it is time to write this lamentation as this news made me very sad. I would like permission …. be ashamed to read.

“The shores are broken, the green belts are deserted. The beauty of the canal is ruined by bathing the buffaloes.” “Because of the cattle, the carpeting of the road was abandoned before it was completed.

The LDA, the Irrigation Department, the Canal Commissioner and the PHA are also reluctant to take responsibility. “The saying is to blacken the faces of the criminals and put them on donkeys. But who will do it? Are we also people who do not need an enemy, they are enough for themselves.

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