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The most expensive fabric with microscopic diamonds

New York: For the past several years, a Belgian company “Scable” has been making extremely expensive fabrics that are only for rich and billionaire customers. One of the company’s brands, known as the “Diamond Chip”, is so expensive that a one-meter piece (measuring one and a half meters) is priced at US  750, or about Rs 125,000.

Scable claims that the diamond chip fabric includes wool and silk as well as microscopic diamonds. However, how is it done? The company has declared it its business secret. The company says only that this unique method allows 24 carat gold, platinum and other precious stones (in the form of microscopic pieces) to be made into fabric weaving.

Sewing clothes from this fabric is also very expensive and thus a one-piece suit sewn with a diamond chip costs between  10,000 and  15,000, which in Pakistani rupees is Rs. 16 lakh to Rs. 25 lakh.

The number of buyers is very low and this fabric is made only for the very rich people. According to a tailor, he has only a few customers who sew clothes with diamond chips, including a pair from Saudi Arabia and two more from New York.

Now it is obvious that for those who buy a watch for crores of rupees, it is not a big deal for a couple to afford Rs 25 lakh.

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