The number of unelected members in Imran Khan's cabinet has risen to 19
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The number of unelected members in Imran Khan’s cabinet has risen to 19

Another unelected figure has been added to the cabinet of Prime Minister Imran Khan, bringing the number of unelected members in the cabinet to 19.

In Imran Khan’s cabinet, an unelected figure, Dr. Shahbaz Gul, has recently been selected to assist in political coordination, bringing the total size of the cabinet to 51, of which 19 are unelected.
The total number of Ministers in the Federal Cabinet is 27, Ministers of State are 4 while the number of Advisors is 5, besides the number of Special Assistants to the Prime Minister has increased to 15.

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s two aides have the rank of Federal Minister, including Special Assistant for Social Security Sania Nishtar and Special Assistant for Establishment Shehzad Arbab.

Special Assistant to the Ministry of Information Asim Saleem Bajwa is also an unelected person while the unelected members of the cabinet include seven doctors.

It is to be noted that the Prime Minister holds the portfolios of 6 important ministries, the Prime Minister is also the Minister of Commerce, Climate Change, Parliamentary Affairs, Finance and Health, while he also holds the portfolio of Overseas Pakistanis Ministry.

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