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The Pakistani player Muhammad Asif sent an important message

Lahore fast bowler Mohammad Asif has said that he regrets the way his career ended but everyone makes mistakes and I also made mistakes. According to the details, fast bowler Mohammad Asif’s career has been a victim of controversy. Off-the-field Mohammad Asif has been embroiled in a number of controversies and scandals, including a fight with a teammate, a doping scandal, drug trafficking, an arrest in Dubai and, most importantly, the 2010 spot-fixing scandal. Muhammad Asif banned for 5 years in spot-fixing scandal

Mohammad Aamir returned to international cricket but Mohammad Asif did not get another chance. Mohammad Asif is disappointed and has been living in the US for the last few months and is trying to take up permanent residence there. In an interview, Mohammad Asif said that his career did not end well, I never wanted that, my determination was that my career would be great and it would end well, but it did not happen that I Sorry. He said that what was supposed to happen has happened, now I think everything is fine, everyone makes mistakes in life and I have made mistakes too. The cricketer said that the players are in fixing even before me. Have been involved and some of them are working in PCB, some have been involved in fixing even after me and some cricketers are playing, some cricketers But the spirits has not been equal treatment. Mohammad Asif said that the PCB did not try to save my career even though everyone praised my bowling, I shook the world as much as I played in my career, even after so many years, the best batsman in the world. He admitted that he blamed the PCB for saving Mohammad Amir’s career. He should have stayed in the Tests because the team needed him. The fast bowler said that I should have behaved better off the field but it did not happen. I did not die of hunger before and I will not die of hunger now. Mohammad Asif said that these days I am working in USA where I live, there are very good academies and facilities are excellent, while living here I also play league matches, there are many Pakistanis and Indians here who want to master cricket. He said that he would go to Pakistan and work if needed but at the moment there is no place there, all the work is in the hands of the cricketers of the nineties, so there is no chance for us.

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