The passenger was taken off the plane for refusing to wear a face mask

The use of masks to protect against the new coronavirus is considered important and has been made mandatory by several countries.

Similarly, several airlines have made it mandatory to use face masks to protect passengers but did not specify what action would be taken if they did not wear them.

But airlines are laying down strict rules for staff and passengers.

American Airlines has also announced that it will tighten its policy of using face masks to protect everyone on board, and will take action on non-compliance, as exemplified. Came out the other day.

During a flight from New York to Dallas, a passenger named Brandon Starka did not wear a face mask, so before boarding the flight, a crew member approached him and asked him to wear a face mask.

To which Brandon said he did not have a face mask and did not want to wear it, as no law could force him to wear one.

Brandon’s crew captured the discussion in the eye of another passenger on camera.

Brandon was later removed from the plane.

It was the first such incident in the United States when a passenger was taken off a plane for not wearing a face mask.

But since then, the American airline has temporarily banned the passenger, and this is the first time.

Brandon was a New York Times journalist and a supporter of US President Donald Trump.

American Airlines said in a statement that it was reviewing the matter, during which Brandon Starch would not be allowed to travel on any of the company’s flights.

The statement added that Brandon could not be allowed on the flight because he did not follow the policy and also ignored the instructions of the crew, we want to ensure the safety of our customers and therefore The policy of face mask is being strictly implemented. We expect the passengers to follow the policy as well. If necessary, similar action will be taken against those who refuse to face masks in the future also.

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