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The PCB has inherited a large staff, this problem has to be solved in any case, Wasim Khan

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chief Executive Wasim Khan said that we have inherited a large staff of the PCB, we have to look into this issue.

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has fired 55 lower-ranking employees after harsh criticism. Sources said that out of these 55 employees, 22 were permanent while 33 were on contract. The contract of 33 employees was due to expire on June 30. Now the permanent employees will continue working as per normal while the sources said that the contracts of 33 employees. It has been extended to October 31 and will be reviewed again after that.

Chief Executive of the PCB Wasim Khan said that the PCB has inherited a large staff, this is a problem and this problem must be seen in any case.

Wasim Khan said that a policy was formulated to look into the unnecessary number of employees in the PCB and this policy is correct and legitimate. This policy was formulated to look into this issue.

Wasim Khan admitted that this was not the right time to implement the policy and lay off employees, we have to follow the policy but this policy will be implemented later.

The PCB has been hit hard by the evictions and the evacuees are also in dire straits.

PCB chief executive Waseem Khan says he apologizes to those who have been offended because he thinks it was not the right time to fire staff. The eviction decision has been immediately reversed.

The PCB has temporarily reinstated the employees, but the sword will continue to hang over them as the PCB has said that the restructuring process will continue and so will the middle and senior management staff Will be fired.

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