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The Sindh government restricted a wide range of rallies, including Yum Ali

The Sindh Home Department has given a notice restricting a wide range of rallies and parades over the territory during Ramadan.

A notice gave by the Sindh Home Department said that get-togethers and parades on the event of Yum Ali would be prohibited.

There were 23 additional passings, 322 passings and a sum of 14,690 cases from Corona in the nation

As per the notice, no strict services will be held during Ramadan.

The Home Department request additionally said that night and night Qur’an get-togethers in mosques would be totally prohibited.

It might be reviewed that the Home Department had before restricted get-togethers in Sindh to forestall the spread of crown infection.

Then again, crown cases are on the ascent in the area thus far 92 individuals have kicked the bucket while the quantity of contaminated patients is 5291.

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