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The Supreme Court judge apologized for hearing Meesha Shafi’s appeal

Supreme Court Justice Yahya Afridi has apologized for hearing the petition filed by Meesha Shafi against the decision of the Lahore High Court in a sexual harassment case.

When the two-member bench began hearing the case today, Justice Yahya Afridi apologized for the hearing and said that he could not hear the case due to personal reasons, after which the case was referred to the Chief Justice of Pakistan for reconstitution of the bench.

Meesha Shafi had challenged the decision of the Lahore High Court in the Supreme Court.

The Lahore High Court had on October 11, 2019, upheld the decisions of the Governor of Punjab and the female ombudsman against Meesha Shafi.

In May 2018, the female ombudsman in May and July, Punjab Governor Rafiq Rajwana ruled against Meesha Shafi, declaring his application unacceptable.

The female ombudsman had stated that Mesha Shafi had no right to claim if she was not employed, after which the Governor of Punjab also ruled on the singer’s request against the decision that the ombudsman had rejected the application on technical grounds as there was no employer between the parties. Yes, that’s why
The hearing of the case does not fall under their jurisdiction.

Meesha had later approached the Lahore High Court where the case was dismissed while upholding the Punjab Governor’s decision.

The controversy between singer Ali Zafar and Meesha Shafi came to light when Mesha accused Ali of sexual harassment through a tweet, after which Ali Zafar paid Rs 1 billion in April 2018 for damaging his reputation against Meesha Shafi after a war of words. Had filed a claim for damages. The claim was heard by Additional Sessions Judge Shakeel Ahmed, but the case was moved to another court after Meesha Shafi accused the judge of bias.

Ali Zafar had denied the allegations of sexual harassment by Meesha and said that he would not respond to the allegations with allegations but would go to court against Meesha. The singer has filed a case against Mesha Shafi for Rs 100 crore damages.

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