Pakistan Cricket Board chief executive Wasim Khan

The tour of Pakistan is conditional on the health and safety of the England players

Pakistan Cricket Board chief executive Wasim Khan has made any decision to tour England conditional on the health and safety of the players.

Chief Executive PCB Wasim Khan said that Pakistan Cricket Board will not compromise on the health and safety of players, PCB and English Cricket Board are in full touch regarding the tour of England and in this regard the relevant representatives of both boards 15 Will attend the conference call in May.

Wasim Khan said that the conference call will be attended by the Chief Executive of England Cricket Board, Director Cricket, Chief Medical Officer and Director International Cricket Operations while on behalf of Pakistan Cricket Board he (Chief Executive), Misbah-ul-Haq (Chief of National Cricket Team) Selector and Head Coach), Zakir Khan (Director International Cricket) and Dr. Sohail Saleem (Head Medical Panel) will discuss the series via video link.

The chief executive of the PCB said that the situation in England is very bad, they are talking about a biosecurity system, but we also have to see that flights and hotels have to be arranged for the arrival and departure of players, respectively.

“There is hypothesis that we will play 4 or 5 Test matches. However, we hope that the situation will become clear after the conference call on May 15,” he said.

The Chief Executive PCB has made it clear that the next 12 months are very important, in this situation the entire cricket family has to move forward with a single thought.

He said that the next 12 months of PCB will be satisfactory but in the span of 18 months we may also face issues but hopefully cricket will start by that time.

The players’ central contracts will be announced on Tuesday, May 12
Talking about the central contracts of national cricketers, the chief executive PCB said that the Pakistan Cricket Board will announce the central contracts of the players on Tuesday, May 12.

Wasim Khan said that Misbah-ul-Haq, the chief selector and head coach of the national cricket team, had been preparing a preliminary list of potential players for the central contract for the past three weeks, and now he would submit a list of 19 to 20 players to the board tomorrow. After consultations, the final list will be announced with the approval of the Chairman PCB.

He said that the next contract would also consist of three different categories and this time the board was thinking of further increase instead of reducing the players’ compensation.

Wasim Khan said that a meeting of the cricket committee has been convened on May 13, in which a briefing will be given on the central contracts of the players and domestic cricket, in which departmental cricket will also be discussed.

He said that domestic cricket is the top priority of the PCB and with this in mind, preparations for the next season are being made.

The Chief Executive PCB said that the performance of the coaches of all the associations was being reviewed while the preparation of the acting committees was also in the final stages.

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