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The World Cup is in the eyes of Indians, trying to postpone it

Lahore: The T20 World Cup is starting to catch the eye of Indians, the board’s interest in the adjournment has increased, and at the end of this year, the IPL has started planning to fill the coffers. Cricket Australia chief executive Kevin Roberts says holding the World Cup in empty stadiums will reduce funding but everyone benefits from broadcasting rights revenue, with caution at airports and hotels. Government policy has already been formulated to take measures, prolonging the test series against India will also help to overcome the deficit.

According to details, cricket activities like other sports have been suspended in the situation caused by the Corona virus, revenue sources including broadcast rights contracts have been badly affected, in which case most cricket boards are suffering from financial difficulties. Australia, the hosts of the T20 World Cup in November, are more worried and are looking at different possibilities to ensure that the event is held somehow. Despite the financial difficulties of the Australian board, India is more likely to host the IPL than the T20 World Cup. Interested in the ICC video conference on Thursday Chief executives of member boards are participating.

According to a report by a foreign news agency, the BCCI will try to pave the way for the postponement of the T20 World Cup during this meeting. The Australian board did not immediately agree to the postponement of the mega event but went ahead. According to the report, only the Indian and English boards are currently in a good financial position to cope with the crisis for a year. According to the report, the BCCI is making every effort to ensure that the IPL improves as conditions improve. Reschedule and fill coffers, postponement of T20 World Cup will remove a major hurdle, financial difficulties Hunting weak boards may be forced to become part of the plan.
Cricket Australia chief executive Kevin Roberts, in a video conference, hinted at holding matches in empty stadiums and behind closed doors, saying “despite the Corona epidemic, already staying in airports and hotels for visitors to Australia. There are government guidelines and precautions for, if IS This can be a good option if the EC and the teams agree.

Much more work remains to be done on this proposal. Cricket Australia, on the other hand, has begun paving the way for the Test series against India to reduce the amount of cash it offers, in which Kevin Roberts has said that the series against India always makes more money, the current situation. If the Indian team stays away? If not come to Australia, there will be a lot of damage, more than $ 20 million is lost before cricket activities are suspended. If the international season is not possible then the mountain of financial problems will rise, in the series against India in December, January. Talks are being held with the Indian authorities to play 5 Tests. It may be considered to hold all the matches in one city. If the conditions are not favorable, it will be possible to hold the matches behind closed doors.

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