The world's first transparent TV will go on sale this month
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The world’s first transparent TV will go on sale this month

The world’s first fully transparent TV, made by Xiaomi, will go on sale this month and has been dubbed My TV Lux.

When closed, it becomes transparent glass and appears to be an invention of a science fiction film. If the TV is not running, it can be viewed across. Earlier, Samsung and LG offered transparent TVs, but according to Xiaomi, this is the first glass TV to be manufactured on a large scale and sales are expected in the next few days.

The TV is 55 inches long and has a full panel of LEDs. The thickness of the TV screen is only 5.7 mm. As soon as the TV is turned off, it becomes a standing glass. According to Xiaomi, its black color is clear and the screen is very bright. The TV screen shows more than a billion colors. It has a refresh rate of 120 yrs and refreshes the TV screen in one millisecond.

Its ten-bit panel shows a smooth and beautiful image overall. Animated scenes are blurred on such TV screens, but Xiaomi’s TV does not have this flaw, which makes it perfect for playing TV games.

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