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There is a bigger mafia in the music industry than movies, Sonu Nigam

The death of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput has shaken Bollywood. Former actress Kangana Ranaut was seen blaming the ‘mafia’ in Bollywood for Sushant’s death and now a controversy has erupted between renowned singer Sonu Nigam and other singers in the industry and the owner of a company.

Singer Sonu Nigam released a Vlog on social media after Sushant Singh’s death on June 18, saying that you may soon hear about suicides in the music industry as well.

In the video, Sonu Nigam likened the owners of two music companies to the ‘mafia’ without naming anyone, saying that Sushant Singh is dead today but tomorrow you may hear about a singer or a composer or a lyricist. Because there is a bigger mafia in the music industry than movies.

Sonu Nigam said that he considers himself lucky that he started his career early and did not fall into this trap. He said in his Vlog that the film producer and director agreed to work with a singer but the music company said that they would not work with that singer.

Sonu Nigam had revealed that power is in the hands of two companies in the music industry and they decide who will sing and who will not.

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