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There is no point in living by the epidemic, Asad Omar

PTI leader and Federal Minister for Planning and Development Asad Omar has said that the epidemic has spread and there is no point in living in fear. Addressing a meeting of the National Assembly, Asad Omar said that the epidemic would not end until the vaccine was discovered. As the lockdown softened, the corona virus began to grow.

We have to live with this virus. Many people say that if there was a lockdown for 6 weeks, the virus would have disappeared. If that were true, Corona would be extinct in other countries. He said the epidemic had increased but was not out of control. By the end of May, there will be more coronavirus patients in hospitals, and the number of cases will be higher. However, unlike other countries, Pakistan has not been affected where thousands of people are dying on a daily basis.

In Wuhan, the corona virus is on the rise again. Asad Omar says we also need to save our people from economic hardship. Referring to the performance of the government, the Federal Minister said that one thousand ventilators have been called out of which 200 have reached Pakistan. On the other hand, medical personnel are being trained as they are risking their own lives to save lives.

It may be recalled that the number of people infected with the deadly corona virus has crossed 4.5 million worldwide while more than 3.3 million people have died from it so far. According to US media on Friday, the corona virus has infected most people in the world in the United States and more than 1.4 million cases of corona have been reported in the country so far. In the United States, 1457593 people have been affected and 86912 people have died in the country. The total number of people infected with the corona virus worldwide is 4,525,420, according to figures released by Johns Hopkins University in the United States.

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