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There will be no complete lockdown in Punjab,PM

LAHORE: Prime Minister Imran Khan has directed to tighten the implementation of SOPs across Punjab including Lahore.

According to Express News, a meeting chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan has decided that there will be no complete lockdown in Punjab, however, further restrictions will be imposed on the implementation of SOPs.

According to sources, the Prime Minister expressed concern over the rising number of cases in Lahore, but the meeting agreed that no district, including Lahore, will be completely locked down, cities will not be locked down at the town level, Lahore. Also, only the areas created in the red zone will be locked down, while it was decided to complete one thousand new HDUs by June 30.

The meeting also considered the proposal to close the markets and agreed to issue one more warning instead of closing the markets, while it was decided to make the use of face masks mandatory across the province. Violation of the relevant market, shop, plaza or building will be locked down.

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