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This is the first time in my life that everyone is under house arrest, Sarah Mehboob

Pakistan’s top tennis player Sara Mehboob says that if a player wants, he can train at home to maintain his fitness, training does not require equipment and no large space is just one thing and he needs to do something. Is committed.

Pakistan’s number one female tennis player said that like everyone else in the lockdown, her routine has also been affected but she has adjusted her routine according to the circumstances which has made the difficulties she was facing earlier easier. Are

Pakistan Tennis Federation’s latest rankings released in various categories in July

He said that at first it was very difficult for him to change his routine after the lockdown due to corona virus but later he realized that he did not know anything about these conditions so he should make a routine according to the circumstances.

Sarah Mehboob said that she tries to train at home and run for a while when there are no people outside. To a question, the 29-year-old tennis player said she misses the tennis court, misses the energy she used to get by playing tennis, and still does ‘volley’ in front of the wall when tennis comes to mind. Bounce the ball from the racket.

Sarah Mehboob said that she was inspired by Andy Murray’s ‘Hundred Walls’ challenge and made a response video for it, but it is not easy to do ‘Walls Walls’ like Swiss tennis star Roger Federer.

Pakistan’s number one tennis player further said that she thinks that once the situation improves, it will not be difficult to return to the tennis courts because the players are still at a distance from each other. As a precaution, handshakes can be avoided and extra balls can be placed on the court so that not everyone can touch a single ball. There can be matches without spectators.

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