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Tik Tak’s rival app started paying for watching videos

The ongoing competition for Chinese apps based on short videos has reached the United States. Tik Tak is facing stiff competition after the emergence of relatively new apps and gaining popularity. This new app also pays users.

Zen app maker Quishu is the second largest video app maker in China. Launched in May, the app became the most popular free app in the United States a month later.

KwaZulu-Natal is trying to replace Tik Tak with Zin. The world’s most popular tic-tac-toe app is owned by the Beijing-based company BitTorrent.

Zen is an app similar to Tic Tac Toe and allows users to watch short videos continuously. Unlike TikTak, Zen is not only for entertainment, but also pays up to 20 20 per invitation sent by friends to users in the US and Canada, depending on the functionality of the friends’ app. Users also get points for watching videos on this app.

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