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To play and succeed in England with mental maturity, Abid Ali

Abid Ali, who scored a century on his Test debut, said that the tour of England would be a challenge because of Code 19. Conditions in England are already difficult and now there will be more difficulties due to the current situation but we accepted these challenges. To do and to play in England with mental maturity and to succeed.

Abid Ali, a 32-year-old right-handed batsman, has represented Pakistan in three Tests and four ODIs.

Abid Ali says that all the players are confident for the tour of England, I am happy that cricket is starting after a long time and we will come on the field, cricket has not been played for three or four months, we are not performing well in England We will succeed and it is possible.

“There is a long gap, of course, but we are going well ahead of the England series, which we will try to take advantage of and make up for the shortcomings, in addition to the England and West Indies teams,” said Abid Ali. Playing before us will benefit us, we will have the opportunity to learn and plan.

Abid Ali said that everyone is facing the situation of Code 19, now we have to live with it but we must be mentally strong, we will try to focus more on the game and focus less on Coronavirus.

Abid Ali said that the conditions in England have always been difficult and now the situation is such that because of them the difficulties will increase, there will be many challenges and we have to accept these challenges and become stronger in England. I have to play well and that is the goal of everyone, we are professionals, we have to play 100% in any case.

Abid Ali said that England’s bowling attack is excellent, they are well aware of their conditions, the home team benefits from home conditions but our batting line-up is also experienced, the presence of Misbah-ul-Haq and Younis Khan will benefit. ۔

Abid Ali said that not having a crowd will make a difference to the England team. It is not a matter of concern for us because we have been playing without our crowd in the UAE for ten years but there are many fans of the Pakistan team in England. Miss the fans.

England Pakistan Test and T20 squad are going together Abid Ali says that if given a chance to play the T20 series against England, they will try to perform well.

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