Try sifting through yourself
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Try sifting through yourself

“Believing is a troublesome assignment, so individuals structure feelings about others without deduction,” said Carl Jung.

Until a few years ago, I used to do the same thing. ۔ Now that I have “cured” myself to some extent, I do not form an opinion about anyone, positive or negative, until that person reveals himself. However, some “filters” can be applied to human beings with great care, with the help of which they can be “judged”.

The first filter is good. I did not deliberately use heavy words like piety and piety because if we start to go through such a thin sieve of people, it will become impossible for us to go through our own.

Apply a filter of goodness that only shows that there is no major defect in the servant, such as when we buy a car, we ignore the small dents or scratches and ask if there was a major accident or if the engine Not open, in the same way small evils in human beings should be ignored.

The only thing that needs to be seen is whether the servant is generally transparent in his dealings or manipulative in everything he does. There is a mistake. This is the basic filter, must go through. The second sieve is of ideas and thoughts. Everybody has the privilege to opportunity of conclusion and articulation; this privilege incorporates opportunity to hold assessments without impedance and to look for, get and bestow data and thoughts through any media and paying little heed to outskirts. I sit in a bar and lament. If the ideas you believe in are completely missing in your own life, then you can’t go through this sieve.

In order to form an opinion about people, it is also important to know whether they are arrogant under the guise of humility or they are not obsessed with piety. No one calls himself arrogant, this is evident from his habits. If he is in a state of piety, he considers what he has said to be the last word, or he does not see any defect in himself, then understand that She is narcissistic and arrogant.

This disease is very difficult to treat because the patient never realizes these symptoms and no one else dares to tell him. Give such a person a sort of discount number, provided he passes through the rest of the filters safely. Make a sieve of prejudices too, a positive opinion cannot be formed about those who cannot get rid of prejudices in their lives.

These prejudices can be of any kind. If a person even today considers people wise or foolish on the basis of their race, religion, region, language or gender, then it is not commendable. Discount numbers can be obtained if they are willing to listen to the argument, if such a person is not ready to listen to rational talk and has locked his mind, then he does not need to go through the sieve, first for his mind. Lock a key.

The next filter is of logic and argument and is linked to personal character. This is the most important thing, I usually apply it to the people in power or to the slaves who are widely heard, consider them powerful rulers or call them influential journalists, intellectuals or any such celebrity whose fans There are millions.

In order to “judge” these people, it is necessary to see whether their statement is logically correct or not, whether it is common sense or contrary to the facts, whether these people are not the line of popular statement. Stay tuned, how many times has their position historically been proven right or wrong, and if it has been proven wrong, are they following the same line again or have they made a fundamental and clear change in their attitudes and thoughts?

It is not an easy task for people to go through this sieve because everyone thinks differently and no one admits that their thinking is wrong, most people have a justification for a statement based on their own misdeeds and malice. It happens which they sincerely believe because they have given their conscience a dose of opium. It is true that man learns with time and he may make a mistake in making a decision, but these things can be waived if such a person does not repeat the same mistake again and then does not get stuck in the same place from where. He started. A few years ago today, if a person was guilty of committing a sin, he should first confess that sin and promise not to commit the same sin in the future, then he can be sifted, otherwise there is no point in his words.

After applying all these filters, make a balance sheet and add the positive and negative aspects of the people in it. If the balance sheet of a person’s assets is heavier than the liabilities, add such person to your list of positive servants. Take it and get rid of the rest.

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