Twitter employees can always work from home
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Twitter employees can always work from home

In the wake of the global epidemic of corona virus, many companies have allowed their employees to work from home to protect them.

Employees of the most popular technology companies Google, Facebook and Twitter are also working from home due to the current situation.

Jack Dorsey, head of the microblogging site Twitter, says his employees can work from home as long as they want.

As per an organization representative, Jack Dorsey told representatives that a great many people would be permitted to telecommute significantly after the crown infection episode.

The organization representative included that over the most recent couple of months it has been demonstrated that our representatives can telecommute, so if the organization’s representatives need to keep telecommuting, they will be permitted.

He further said that even if the employees do not want to do so, the company will open the offices with precautionary measures even when it deems it necessary and safe.

Earlier, Facebook and Google, two of the most popular social networking platforms, added seven more months to their employees’ homework policy.

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