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Two prominent White House figures have contracted the corona virus

Ivanka Trump’s PA, the press secretary to US Vice President Mike Pence and the daughter of President Trump, also contracted the corona virus.

According to a foreign news agency, Mike Pence’s press secretary Katie Miller’s report on Corona came positive on Friday, after which she is the third person in the White House to confirm Corona.

US President Donald Trump has confirmed that Mike Pence’s press secretary is suffering from corona, saying he is not worried about the spread of corona in the White House.

White House officials say they are taking security measures to keep the complex safe.

According to media reports, Mike Pence’s press secretary Katie Miller was in contact with the vice president but did not meet with President Trump.

Katie Miller is the wife of Stephen Miller, a key adviser to President Trump, and the White House has not provided any information about Stephen Miller’s corona test and his work at the White House since his corona test.

According to media reports, Katie Miller’s Corona test was negative on Thursday and the next day it was positive.

After Katie Miller’s one-day break in the Corona test, President Trump said that’s why the basic idea of ​​the whole test process is not very good.

According to media reports, a day before the Corona test of the US Vice President’s Press Secretary came positive, the White House had confirmed Corona in a military official working with President Trump.

Ivanka Trump’s personal assistant confirms corona virus
On the other hand, the personal assistant of Ivanka Trump, the daughter of US President Trump, has also tested positive for code-19, after which the number of people infected with the corona virus in the White House staff members has increased to three.

According to a foreign news agency, Ivanka Trump’s daughter worked as an assistant to the daughter of the US President who has not been around for the past several weeks.

Ivanka Trump has been working with him on the telephone for the past two months, taking precautions against the corona virus.

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