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US orders ban on Chinese passenger planes

BEIJING (NNI) – The United States has announced that Chinese passenger planes will not be allowed to enter the United States from June 16. According to a foreign news agency, the move by the Trump administration is aimed at putting pressure on China. The Trump administration is demanding that China allow American passenger planes to land in Beijing. The US Department of Transportation has announced that China will be punished for failing to comply with the current agreement on flights between the world’s two largest economies.

The announcement will apply to Air China, China Eastern Airlines Corporation, China Southern Airlines, and Henan Airlines Holdings. On the other hand, American Delta Airlines and United Airlines have resumed flights to China this month. The request was made because Chinese planes had continued to fly to the United States during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Delta Airlines said after the US government’s announcement that it would work with the US government to ensure the exercise of its rights and justice. United Airlines did not immediately comment on the move.

The US Department of Transportation said in a formal notice that China was unable to review its rules on when to deploy US aircraft. The Chinese embassy in Washington did not immediately respond. Tensions between China and the United States over the Coronavirus and the controversial law in Hong Kong remain high.

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