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Violence against son’s mother, the heartbreak of showbiz stars

Lahore: The video of the worst violence against the mother of a son in Rawalpindi and the video is going viral on social media and it has become a top trend. Declaring it the culmination of brutality, it has raised its voice for justice.

According to media reports, actress and singer Mahnoor said in her social media message that her mother was crying tears of blood when she heard the news of violence against her son’s mother. Mamta was embarrassed by this incident. The voice says the unfortunate son will be punished in this world. Actress Sana Fakhr said that watching this video has brought a burden on her heart and her eyes are wet. The son who commits such atrocities will get nothing but ruin.

Actress Honey Princess called the son who abused her mother the most unfortunate and said that he trampled his paradise with his own hands. Senior actress Samina Pirzada said that all this is unbelievable, the one who treats his mother badly will never be able to find peace, watching this video, it felt as if someone had his heart in his fist.

Actress Neemal Khawar Khan, while sharing a Quranic verse on the greatness of father and mother in Islam on social media, said that “the wrath of Allah awaits this man”. Nemal Khawar’s husband Hamza Ali Abbasi said, “Oh God, I have no words, I have deleted this video, I can’t post, or my God …” “The deepest pit of hell is waiting for this devilish son who has raised his hand against his old mother,” he said in a social media post.

Actress Saba Qamar said that she was upset to see this inhuman act, how can anyone be so cruel and hard-hearted. The showbiz stars have requested the Pakistani authorities to take immediate action on the incident and provide justice to the victim.

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