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Violent condemnation of son’s mother, Hamza and Naimal Khawar

KARACHI: Actor Hamza Ali Abbasi and his wife Naimal Khawar have strongly condemned the viral video on social media in which son and daughter-in-law are torturing their mother.

A video went viral on social media yesterday in which a man named Arsalan can be seen brutally abusing his wife and mother and saying bad words to his mother. God has placed the status of the mother above the children and has declared the mother as a paradise for the children.

While the incident is being strongly condemned on social media, Hamza Ali Abbasi and his wife Nemal Khawar have also expressed regret over the incident. Hamza Ali Abbasi wrote on Twitter that he did not have the words to describe the incident and he could not post the video, but he deleted the video.

Hamza Ali Abbasi criticized the son who abused his mother and said, “Oh my God …” The deepest corner of hell awaits the devil who raises his hand against his old mother.

Naimal Khawar also strongly condemned the incident and said that the wrath of Allah is waiting for this person. Referring to a verse from the Qur’an, he said, “No mother should be harmed by her child, nor should a father be harmed by any child.”

It is to be noted that after the video went viral on social media, a case has been registered by the police while raids are being carried out to arrest Arsalan and his wife Bismah.

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