Vitamin D helps prevent cancer

Vitamin D is an important ingredient that people can be severely deficient in and surprisingly, most people suffer from it.

Vitamin D acts like a hormone in our body and all the cells act as a receptor for vitamin D as compared to any other vitamin. You can eliminate this vitamin D deficiency in your body through sunlight, but there are also supplements on the market.

This vitamin is essential for the health of human bones and the immune system, but now medical experts say that a healthy level of vitamin D in the body can help prevent cancer and be healthy in the face of many types of cancer. ۔

This was revealed in a medical study in Finland.

Research from the University of Eastern Finland has shown that the anti-cancer effects of vitamin D are very helpful in protecting or treating blood cancer and colon cancer.

According to research, high levels of vitamin D in the body reduce the risk of cancer, but people react to this vitamin in different ways.

The study highlighted the role of vitamin D in the prevention and treatment of cancer.

The researchers said that most people know that vitamin D plays a very important role in bone health, but it also regulates the immune system, while the cancer-fighting effects are the result of immune cells T cells and monocytes.

He said that vitamin D provides its effect through a receptor called VDR, which inhibits the factors that cause cancer-causing mutations in various genes.

According to research, various research reports have focused on the effects of vitamin D on different types of cancer, while presenting the strongest evidence of its benefits in colon and leukemia.

The researchers said that low levels of vitamin D affect the function of VDR and increase the risk of uncontrolled growth of cancerous cells.

Even other types of cancer, such as breast and bladder cancers, have a higher risk of developing vitamin D deficiency.

However, the researchers said that vitamin D supplements have not been shown to reduce the risk of dying from cancer in various control trials, but rather on the individual’s response to vitamin D and its amount.

“There is little evidence of vitamin D in the treatment of cancer, but it is clear that taking care of vitamin D levels can help prevent cancer,” he said.

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