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Vladimir Putin path to Russia’s presidency until 2036 is clear

The Russian people sealed their endorsement of the constitutional reforms passed by parliament, paving the way for Vladimir Putin to remain president of Russia until 2036.

It is believed that both houses of the Russian parliament have approved constitutional amendments to reduce the tenure of Russian President Vladimir Putin to the presidency, including gay marriage and other reforms, but Putin wanted these issues to be addressed. But public opinion should also be known.

To that end, Putin called for a referendum on constitutional reform scheduled for April 22, but it was postponed because of Corona and voting began last week.

According to the Russian Electoral Commission, after counting the votes in 10% of the polling stations, the results showed that more than 70% of the voters voted in favor of the constitutional amendment.

These constitutional amendments have paved the way for Russian President Vladimir Putin to become president by 2036.

According to the Russian constitution, a person can hold the presidency only twice for a term of 6.6 years. However, since Putin’s term in office has been reduced to zero in the constitutional amendment, he will be re-elected twice. He has become eligible for the presidency.

Vladimir Putin’s second term is until 2024, and he has not yet formally announced his intention to run in the next election.

It should be noted that Russia has a presidential system in which the president has special powers, but after the new constitutional amendments, the president will have more broad powers and these amendments include giving orders to the president’s government and appointing the prime minister.

Earlier, parliamentary approval was required for the Russian prime minister.

Opposition groups called for a vote on the constitutional amendment, but Russian President Vladimir Putin denied the allegations.

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