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Wants to play a role that does not promote violence Ushna Shah

Actress Ushna Shah has said that she wants to do dramas that do not promote domestic violence.

In an interview, actress Ushna Shah said that she considers herself an actor and did not come to be a heroine in this industry, as an actor her job is to play different roles and that is what she wants to do because she enjoys it. That’s when it comes.

Recently, she has started a new drama Bandhe Ek Dori Se’ in which she is working with Ahsan Khan and Hina Altaf. He is a good man as well as an actor and it was a great experience to work with him.

Ushna Shah first gained fame in the play ‘Bashar Momin’ in which she worked with Faisal Qureshi. Recalling the play, she said that she is grateful because it was her first mega serial.

Regarding item numbers in films, Ushna Shah said, “I am not against it at all. I want it to be very good if I do item numbers in a film.”

She said that she wants to work in films where there are challenging roles and in which she gets ample opportunity to act.

Pakistani actress Ushna Shah entered the drama industry seven years ago and during that time she performed many popular genres including ‘Bashar Momin’, ‘Neelum kinare‘, ‘Thoda Sa Aasman’, ‘Lashkara‘ and ‘Bala’. ۔

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