Warning! Other threats to regional security
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Warning! Other threats to regional security

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said that with the increase in testing capacity, the number of affected people is increasing, the number of deaths is also limited, we cannot skip the precautionary footing, we have to be vigilant, fight with Corona epidemic. The SCO’s participation in the fight against the Corona epidemic must be borne in mind, as well as other threats to security in the region.

Dealing with the challenge To be able to play a leading role in building comprehensive cooperation, we must recognize international law and the centrality of the United Nations and institutions as a fundamental principle and set standards, we must further enhance cooperation in our hospitals and laboratories and the SCO Hospital Alliance.

The peace deal between the United States and the Taliban is a historic development that has raised hopes for the restoration of peace and stability in Afghanistan, which has been embroiled in decades of war, through the SCO Afghanistan Contact Group. The SCO is committed to promoting peace and stability at this critical juncture Dealing with all forms of terrorism and extremism should be our top priority. An extraordinary virtual meeting of the SCO Council of Foreign Ministers was held on Wednesday in which Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that today the world is watching.

He said that within weeks, the corona virus has spread like wildfire in all societies and public health systems, depleting the already scarce resources, taking precious lives and Crippling the economy and paralyzing businesses around the world, anything on this scale Not seen in this century. He said that 4.1 million people have been affected and about 300,000 people have gone to the valley of death.

He said that in the last few days, there have been major changes in Hyderabad. “Today, as we are here, Corona continues to attack human life, livelihoods and culture,” he said. “In this tragic situation, I extend my heartfelt sympathy and condolences to all the families whose loved ones have fallen victim to the Corona epidemic. We share their grief,” he said. “I appreciate Russia’s move to hold the meeting on time and acknowledge its efforts,” he said. “I am confident that this video conference will make the SCO the focus of a strong and collective effort against Corona,” he said. Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that in case of Corona epidemic, the United Nations is facing the most difficult test of its effectiveness in 75 years.

He said that it was gratifying that the SCO, since its inception, had given priority to the United Nations Charter and pursued the multinational goal. He said that the SCO region, home to 40 per cent of the world’s population and a quarter of its GDP, is endowed with technological, material, human and financial resources that can help it succeed in the face of difficult challenges like Corona. He said that the Shanghai spirit of mutual interest, mutual trust and respect could play a leading role in building comprehensive cooperation in tackling the SCO challenge.

He said that the People’s Republic of China is a particularly successful, effective and exemplary example in this war. He said that Pakistan pays tribute to China’s very responsible efforts in tackling this crisis and appreciates the assistance provided to the world including Pakistan in preventing this epidemic. He said that the first Corona case would come to light on February 26, 2020. He said that Pakistan has adopted Smart Lockdown by enhancing the capacity of tests, traces and quarantine and a relief force of volunteer youth has been formed. To help the needy, معا 8 billion May have been a rescue package.

He said that 12 million families have benefited from our social security program. He said that 10 billion trees (Billion Tree Tsunami Project) were providing employment to those facing employment problems due to lockdown and declining demand. He said that a package of incentives has been given to the labor-intensive industries so that the wheel of the economy continues to run. He said a 59 595 million Strategy (PPRP) has been launched to tackle and effectively combat the Corona epidemic to keep the health system afloat. He said that so far the number of confirmed cases of corona in Pakistan is more than 30,000 while 659 people have died.

It is not yet clear that corona disease has reached its peak in Pakistan. “With the increase in testing capacity, although the number of victims is increasing, we have not seen a huge increase in the number of victims. The number of deaths is also limited. We realize that we are not taking precautionary measures,” he said. Can We have to be careful. He said that there is probably an economic challenge beyond health, developing countries are facing serious financial difficulties due to the Corona epidemic. He said that Pakistan would welcome the initiative of the World Bank, IMF and G20 to restructure the loan.

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