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What is going to happen with Shahbaz Sharif, explosive claims

Federal Minister for Railways Sheikh Rashid Ahmed has said that the name of Shahbaz Sharif Reef is going to ECL, the broom will be swept away by July 31, whoever is involved in the flour sugar scandal will not be able to escape, as long as Imran Khan is with Bazdar there is no danger. no. Talking to media on Wednesday, Federal Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said that by the grace of God Almighty, 30 passenger trains have started running. He thanked all the provinces and their chief ministers for their cooperation.

He said that he did not know about online booking. He said that he congratulated all the DSs who had taken full security measures to deal with the Corona epidemic. He said that he would go to Multan on Thursday and after that he would also review the arrangements at other stations. He said that under Karuna SOP, we have booked 60% of the passengers. If there was a danger of spreading Karuna from AC, there would have been more in the plane.

We objected to everything but practically not everything. Railways are serving the people by running trains despite the deficit, no business. He said that as long as Punjab Chief Minister Imran Khan is with Bazdar, there is performance. “I have already said that the broom will be swept away by July 31,” he said. He said that I am not a minister or a palmist. Give me a margin. Shahbaz Sharif knows that his name is going to be blacklisted in ECL but he is becoming Tarzan. He said that anyone involved in the flour and sugar scandal would not be spared. He said that a sub-committee has been set up for IPP talks.

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