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WhatsApp has made changes to the application

WhatsApp has made changes to the application.

The social networking application WhatsApp has made changes to its features, according to which it will no longer be possible to know who went online and who went offline.

Users will no longer be able to see the last scene and online options in the WhatsApp. This means that even if you are online, no one else will be able to see you or know how long you have been online.

This change was made in this feature of WhatsApp yesterday. This change of WhatsApp became a top trend on Twitter in a few minutes and millions of people shared their thoughts in this regard.

It should be noted that according to a report released by GSM Arena in April, the facility of video calling with 8 people at the same time was introduced on WhatsApp, the first beta version of which was used as a trial.

In addition, in April, WhatsApp decided to impose new restrictions on sharing user messages with more people, with the aim of preventing the spread of misinformation.

WhatsApp has had a feature for 2 months that new restrictions have been imposed on a message that has been forwarded 5 or more times and the user will not be able to send these messages in more than one chat at a time.

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