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When Shahrukh Khan advised Arnab Goswami to become rich and then become a philosopher

Bollywood king Shahrukh Khan has suggested Arnab Goswami, India’s leading TV anchor and head of Republic TV, to become a rich man and then a philosopher.

According to Indian media reports, during a panel discussion in 2018, Arnab Goswami talked to Bollywood King about creativity and filmmaking, while Shah Rukh Khan reacted immediately to the Indian journalist’s words and gave him advice.

Explaining the relationship between media and film industry, Shahrukh Khan said that we should all cooperate in creativity.

According to Shahrukh, we should all be creative and fearless because we are all in the same boat and I think the digital world is something that helps us and we recognize that.
Meanwhile, Arnab Goswami intervened and said, “Shahrukh, you have said in the beginning that we are not businessmen, we are content creators, but you have mentioned profit five times in the last three minutes.”

Reacting to Arnab Goswami’s remarks, Shahrukh Khan said, “Let me tell you, there is no creativity in poverty. I always tell people to get rich first and then become philosophers.”

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