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When will the eclipse of both the moon and the sun be seen in Pakistan?


ISLAMABAD: Two eclipses will take place in June this year, one on the moon and the other on the sun. On the night between June 5 and 6, lunar eclipses will be seen in many countries of the world including Pakistan. ۔ The eclipse will take place on June 21 and a halo of light will be seen around the sun in different parts of Pakistan from Gwadar to Sukkur, while a ring of fire is likely to be seen in Karachi up to 90%. It takes time for the moon to revolve in its orbit

Comes between the earth and the sun while planting and when the moon completely covers the sun, it becomes a ring-shaped halo around the moon and for this reason it is called the ring of fire. Pune will start at 9 am and will be visible till 2.30 pm.

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