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Which two political figures did Hareem Shah consider more civilized?

TikTok Star Girl Hareem Shah, who once caused a stir in Pakistani politics, says that she can get access to places where many people are not allowed to go. So far, I have not had any difficulty in going to government offices and places of power because Allah has given me this good fortune. Talking to media, the TikTok Star Girl further said that in all these places, common Citizens should also be allowed to go. Just in our system

Some people are allowed to visit these places. Speaking on the occasion, Hareem Shah said, “I have talked to and met with everyone from Sheikh Rashid and Fayyaz-ul-Hassan Chauhan to Nawaz Sharif and PPP leaders. Now there is someone for me.” There is no thrill. Hareem Shah said that so far only Prime Minister Imran Khan and Shah Mehmood Qureshi are the most civilized personalities I have met. Hareem Shah said that he has been receiving various threats. “I am not afraid of these threats, I know how to deal with such problems and I believe it is better to live like a lion than a fox,” said the TikTok star girl.

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