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Why irritate liberalism?

Liberal Aunty, Desi Liberal, Linde’s Liberal; these are the terms used today on social media to harass or harass those who use their right to vote under the guise of narrow-minded people, progressives or liberals.

The majority of people consider it against their dignity to speak without uttering insults, but even seemingly well-educated people try to use these terms to silence the next one, and if they do not talk to them, then their next one too. The weapon is the gum glue. And if there are any women chanting the slogan of liberalism, then either they are called infidels by saying “my body is my will” or they are regularly gang raped online. After which either the woman becomes silent or one of her relatives or loved ones sees her respect and urges her to remain silent.

Now the question arises as to what is it in the term of liberalism that makes it so bad in Pakistan or is it just arrogance of ignorance and slander to force others to stop voting for them by force. Wants and wants to impose his views on them.

According to the world’s most authoritative, up-to-date dictionary, the word “liberal” means “live and let live”. The best dictionary at the moment, for example, is the Oxford Dictionary, where the word liberal means “respect for dissent” and “respect for the identities of others.” In addition, according to Mary Webster’s most famous and authoritative dictionary, liberal means “liberal” or “progressive.” Now what is wrong with being a progressive or exercising your right to vote that the word liberal is used in our hypocritical society for the first degree of abuse and the last degree of disbelief?

The liberal class expresses its opinion on the basis of reason and reason, so religious people are usually seen criticizing the liberal class. Perhaps for them, doing so has the status of jihad. So, Mr. Liberalism has nothing to do with infidelity or atheism, but it has the highest characteristics of all religions. Because according to all the religions of the world, every human being is responsible for his own actions and on the Day of Judgment man will be responsible for his own actions before God, not anyone else. According to worldly and divine laws, a person has the right to live his life as long as he does not harm others, and freedom of expression is one of the basic human rights. Moreover, even if someone is an atheist, you will certainly not be punished for the sins of an atheist. So what are the reasons why people who exercise their right to vote under liberalism in Pakistani society are ridiculed and, conversely, gossip and slander, interfering in each other’s identities? Is considered a source of pride? If there is a single proof of this stupid and absurd behavior, then you must present it.

Pakistan is a democratic country. Everyone is free to express their views here. Give others a chance to have their say because it is their democratic right. Of course you also have the right to disagree, but within the realm of distinction. It is better to consider the views of others instead of imposing your own blind views on them. Is there any way to correct the situation and if your container does not allow it, then state your point without glamour. Add weight to the argument instead of arguing.

No religion or society in the world has ever looked down on an abusive person. As a nation, control your tongue just for the sake of your self-esteem.

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