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World could be severely affected by food shortages

How many people around the world could be severely affected by food shortages since COVID 19?

As food chains around the world are affected, 704 million people could face food shortages. Declining food consumption could lead to lower prices for other commodities, including fruits and vegetables. It will directly affect the farming community.

It is necessary to subsidize agricultural commodities and fertilizers, including a reduction in taxes imposed on the agricultural sector, and to use modern methods for crops. More than 45 million people worldwide are infected with corona, according to the Asian Productivity Organization (APO) based in Japan.

According to the report, Pakistan has also been severely affected by the coronavirus, although the rate is lower than that of European countries. The APO has recently released a report in which member countries have been asked to support farmers and the agricultural sector.

Suggestions have been made on how to co-operate with the epidemic. Food chain around the world has been affected by the lockdown. Restaurants are closed, which has reduced food consumption due to food including fruits and vegetables. The report also said that the farmers are not working as they normally do during the lockdown. They may have some disruption in the availability of seeds, fertilizers, machinery, etc. According to the report, 704 million people worldwide may suffer from food shortages. In Asian countries, 80% of small farmers are directly affected by corona.

Decreased commodity prices will affect farmers. Production may be affected. The government should announce a package for farmers. In this regard, the National Productivity Organization (NPO), a subsidiary of the Ministry of Industry and Production, Pakistan, is trying to take steps to continue productivity growth during the uncertain period of 19 epidemics, which has changed our lives. Influenced in ways. Asian Productivity Organization (APO) Japan and NPOs are currently using digital technology in an effort to offset the effects of online platforms, according to a report released by the NPOs.

The Corona epidemic has also sounded alarm bells for farmers. The food chain across the country is likely to be affected, leading to lower commodity prices, while lower crop prices will further aggravate the plight of farmers and affect future agricultural production, according to the report. In order to improve the plight of the farmers in the current situation, the government should announce a special package for the farmers.

The NPO report also gives suggestions for the revival of the agricultural sector in the country. By providing essential goods and training, including tax exemptions as an essential service, agriculture can protect the safety of the farming community. Similarly, farmers must adopt regulations and policies for timely supply of agricultural inputs, raw materials and technologies. I have to rely on science research to promote digital agriculture applications, drone utilities and breeding, including the implementation of modern methods.

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