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You will win the hearts of Muslims by making Ertugrul Ghazi a part of PSL ”, Users

Karachi: Pakistanis in love with Turkish hero Ertugrul Ghazi are eager to see their favorite hero in Pakistan and now their wish is about to be fulfilled.

Yesterday, Javed Afridi, the owner of Peshawar Zalmai, asked all Pakistanis on Twitter, “What if Ertugrul Ghazi joins Peshawar Zalmai as a brand ambassador?”

After this tweet of Javed Afridi, Pakistanis expressed their happiness and gave very interesting answers. A user named Abu Hamid replied that if this happens then you will win the hearts of Muslims.

Expressing his love for Ertugrul and Peshawar Zalmi, a man named Mian Omar said that his heart would have taken Zalmi’s life now.

Some people expressed their happiness by sharing a clip of a scene from the Ertugrul drama in which Ertugrul Ghazi’s colleagues are looking very happy about something.



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