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Zafri Khan is a prominent Pakistani stage drama entertainer. He has acted in a few phases plays. He is one of the most mainstream comics in front of an audience. Zafri Khan is most popular for his amusing non-verbal communication. He realizes how to make individuals snicker through his style of communicating in and non-verbal communication he has worked in Punjabi stage appears in changed urban communities of Lahore and Punjab. Zafri Khan has been perceived as truly outstanding in front of audience humorists. He is a famous entertainer of the Punjabi theater scene in Lahore. Individuals have been found to make the most of their work. He has a major fan base in Pakistan.

Zafri Khan Biodata

Famous Name: Zafri Khan
Real Name: Zafar
In Urdu: ظفری خان
Famous As: Comedian
Nationality: Pakistani
Residence: Lahore, Pakistan
Religion: Islam
Profession: Comedy Theater Artist
Fan Base: Pakistan and throughout the World
Birth Date Not Known
Languages: Punjabi, Urdu
Affiliation(s): Not Known
His Favourite Personalities: Not Known
Interview : On Punjab TV and in London
Famous Dramas: Muhabbat CNG 2, Kaki, Stage Drama 2019, Jhanjhran Da Joura, 2019
Occupation(s): Comedy Theater Artist

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Zafri Khan is an exceptionally well known Pakistani Stage entertainer. He acted in many stage dramatizations. He is one of the most mainstream entertainers of stage dramas. Zafri Khan is most popular for his clever non-verbal communication. His style of communicating in and non-verbal communication truly makes an individual chuckle. He worked in the Punjabi stage appears in Lahore and changed urban areas of Punjab. Zafri Khan is perceived as outstanding amongst other stage entertainers. He normally made jokes about his non-verbal communication. He is an extremely well-known entertainer of the Punjabi theater of Lahore. Individuals truly making the most of his work. He has a huge fan base in Pakistan and everywhere throughout the world.

Zafri Khan Stage Drama List

Sr# Famous Drama
1 Methey Kareley, 2018
2 Kaki, Stage Drama 2019
3 Jhanjhran Da Joura, 2019
4 Taza Dry Fruit 2019
5 Chiti Stage Drama 2015
6 Bulbul Stage Drama 2018
7 Ghori Charya Stage Drama 2018
8 Muhabbat CNG 2018
9 Do Rangeelay Stage Drama 2018
10 Sardi Mein Garmi Stage Drama 2018
11 Fukrey 2 Stage Drama 2018
12 Sali Nakhre Wali Stage Drama 2018
13 Wahle Nakamy Stage Drama 2017 
14 Khair Yaar Di Stage Drama 2017

Acting on stage is the most difficult task: Zafari Khan

However, Zafri Khan said that the stage of acting tough the job is that the work be fond of that much difficult becomes easy to do, but do not even think of his respect for, laugh stage artists that stage behind them a very different way of life is. Tabsara’s report said that these films do not succeed very successful experience just is, he had many friends advised him to not work in the movies work because their chances of success are very low.

Zafri Khan Movie

Year Movie 
2020 Chal Mera Putt 2

Zafri Khan Family

Father Not Known
Mother Not Known
Children Not Known


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